Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My most hated summer trends

Every season brings its collection of "must haves" splashed in magazines, worn by starlets in paparazzi photos, and clogging up racks in your local stores. Every season has its winners and...its losers. For some reason, the losers seem to be the ones everybody pushes the most. Go figure.

Here are the trends I absolutely refuse to buy and my reasons why I'm steering clear:

1. Short Shorts

Curse you designers for foisting this horror upon womankind! Even young and in-shape women like Hillary Duff expose to all of the world the cottage cheese on their thighs:

Photo from DenimBlog.com

On other women, the look says, "Trashy":

Photo from DenimBlog.com

The only person who can rock Daisy Dukes is Daisy Duke...and I don't think even Catherine Bach is wearing them anymore.

2. Rompers

Who the hell thought rompers were a great idea? Nobody over the age of 11 should wear one.

Please don't wear this unless it's just to the pool.

3. Latex and neon leggings

I don't mind leggings at all. I'm a proud child of the '80s and I cheerfully loaded up on some more once they reappeared in the stores. But I only got basic colors. Not the celebrity set, though! For some reason, they think oil-slicks look great on their legs. Ditto for day-glo colored leggings.

Tomorrow: Trends I lurve!

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